A cosy tea room and coffee house in Marseille


A variety of tea

The tea room and coffee house opens on saturdays and sundays from October to March.

At Brunch My World, you will have the choice of several green or black teas full of flavors, real hot chocolate, italian coffee and organic juices.

Green tea

En attendant la pluie : Citrus fruits, ginger, mint, citronella.

Tchaï vert : Mix of Indian spices

Fleur de Sakura : Flowers of cherry tree and roses

Cité Interdite : vanilla, almond

Fête de Mongols : cherry plum, mango

Minuit à Istanbul : pistachio


Black tea

Au porte de Siam : Coconut, cream

Rêve de Papillon : Almond, ginger, apple, vanilla.

Amour : Roses, almond and passion fruit.

Neuf Dragons : Red berries, black fruits, peach.

Ode du Nord : Spéculoos, chocolate, vanilla, canela.

Thé de Noël : Orange, canela, spices


Rooibos Framboise : rapsberry,  rapsberry leaves

Take a coffee in Marseille

Tisanes from Père Blaize

Tisane Dynamisante 

Hibiscus flower, Green Maté, Cynorrhodon, Canela, Citronela.

Tisane des Gavalards

Angélique, Caraway, Coriander, Star anise, Fennel


Rêve de Gingembre : Ginger, lemon, apple


Ciel Étoilé : Verbena, orange, mandarin, balm

Tea room in Marseille

A slow coffee

Our way of making coffee respects the tradition of good coffees protecting the aromas and the flavors. We shall propose a cafés of the region visited by our brunch.

Coffee from Mexico : Full-bodied, Smooth, Sour.

Coffee Moka Sidamo Ethiopia : Full-bodied, Sweet, Sour

Hot chocolate the old way

Discover our delicious hot chocolate made the old way with real chocolate from the chocolate factory La Baleine à Cabosse.

Drink price list

Tea organic 3.50€

Infusion organic 3.50€

Chaï latte organic homemade and vegan - 4.00€


Coffee italian style - Bialetti 3.00€

Hot chocolate the old way 5.00€

Smoothie organic - 25cl - 5.00 €

Banana Apple Blueberry 
Mango Passion fruit
Pineapple Banana
Banana Rapsberry Pear


Jus organic - 25cl - 3.60 €

Orange, Apple, Apricot, 

Sirop organic Grenadine - 20cl - 2.00 €

Sparkling water Périer - 33cl - 3.50 €

Spring Water Vittel - 25cl - 2.50 €

Gourmet pastries

In a special coffee shop atmosphere, you will find various delicious cakes, cookies or other pastries (vegan or regular) to satisfy the pleasure of the gourmands. 


Cookie : 3.00€

Lemon cake : 4.00€

Cake pears and chocolate chip 5.50€

Caramelized apple cake 5.50€

From Oh Faon pastries

Sticky mango : Coconut mousse, compote of mango, glutinous rice, biscuit crumble. Gluten free. 6.90€

General Mogador : Chocolate-brown tender lower jaw, candied praline, chocolate almond cream, sweet dough. Gluten free. 6.90€

Startelette : Lemon mousse infused into the tonka and the pepper of timut, lemon cake insert, sweet dough. 6.90€


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