Brunch My World philosophy

We want to share with you our love of good food, opening from time to time an vegetarian restaurant that wants to be alternative, with a soul, simple and different. Located in the center of Marseille, we suggest a slow food concept where we take time to cook you full of good things that we like, like at home. We suggest a menu for a brunch every Sunday in a hidden place because we enjoy  offering an exclusive place to escape and meet up with good friends.

Our kitchen is natural and vegetarian, made with seasonal vegetables, good fats, natural sugars, seeds and fruits. We propose a crudi-vegetarian kitchen, almost all of our dishes are not cooked or only dehydrated to keep nutriments. We use quality fruits and vegetables,  rather organic, and of course without GMO. Our kitchen travels worldwide according to our gastronomic discoveries which we adapt to our taste. Our smoothies offer you flavors of the world with sperfoods as wolfberries, chia seeds, etc....

Our secret lives in a "green" brunch, 100 % homemade, thought with love of the good things. You will enjoy  a greedy vegetarian brunch that is good for your health. Here the coffee and the tea invite also in the journey. No colored capsules but a wide selection of ethical and organic products with numerous flavors. The way of making our coffee is slow as well, you’ll see.

“My brunch is slow”

“My brunch travels.”

“Go slow ”

A tea variety

At Brunch My World, you will have the choice of several green or black teas with subtle flavors.

A slow coffee

Our way of making coffee respects the tradition of good coffees protecting the aromas and the flavors. We shall propose cafés of the region visited by our brunch.

Our secret lies in the very special place, somewhere in Marseille, a restaurant nearby, a small jewel with this hidden stone vault underground of a store opened to the public whom you already know maybe, or whom it is necessary to discover.


A clandestine space where we created a warm atmosphere with lights on the ground, photos of our journeys and a soft thematic music. A pleasant and comfortable place with the recycled furniture to make you feel at home as well as far from everything.

Come and discover this unique place, vegetarian restaurant by reservation only. This is when we will communicate to you the place and the way of joining us.


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